Key Largo Sea Water temperature for scuba divering and snorkeling

Water Temperature on Key Largo reef

The water temperature on the Key Largo reef varies throughout the year with warmest water in August.  The coldest water is usually in January. Wind direction and the proximity of the Gulf Stream affect the water temperature as well as the season.

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These are the water temperatures recorded on the reef at 20 feet if you are diving deeper then you may well experience lower temperatures.

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January and February

Water temperature is around 70-75F. Full 3mm wetsuits required for SCUBA diving, Maybe a hood on the colder days.

March and April

Water temperature is around 75F-77F. Were getting into 3mm shortie wetsuits as the water warms up.

May and June

Great months for diving with water around 80F. Yay were out of wetsuits! long sleeve rash guards and shorts recommended

July and August

The water 85F+.  Its hot hot hot even in the water – Our favorite time of year to dive as its beautiful!

September and October

Water temperature remain high at 80F. Still not full wetsuit weather but some are starting to use shorties.

November and December

Water temperature around 79F. Back in shortie wetsuits and sometimes full wetsuits needed.

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