Island Ventures is a Blue Star Operator!

Blue Star Award to Island Ventures


What is a Blue Star?

Blue Star Operator is a Dive/Snorkel or Fishing charter that is committed to coral reef conservation. Shops will have passed a yearly evaluation by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

If you are choosing a dive or snorkel shop in the Florida Keys its a great idea to select one that has this award.  They contribute to the management of the reefs throughout the year and are specially trained to look after the fragile eco system that exists.

How do I know who has a Blue Star?

All Blue Star shops will have the emblem on the front page of their website. They will also provide you with a Blue Star conservation brief prior to letting you enter the water on the reef.

You can find a list of current Blue Star operators on the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary website.

Shops will offer some additional reef conservation activity both during their tours and as formal training courses.

All certified operators will give you a brief on the Blue Star goals before you get into the water.

How do Island Ventures contribute?

We provide the following activities to customers as part of our tours, some are FREE!

Dive against Debris,

Coral Restoration,

REEF fish counts,

Lion Fish Hunting

Formal SCUBA Dive certifications are also offered that support conservation.

We are committed to ocean conversation

Providing only paper cups on our boats for iced water so no single use plastic

Reef safe sunscreen free to use on our boats.

No harmful chemicals are used during our boat cleaning!