Coral Restoration Dive

Coral Restoration Dive

Have you ever thought about helping to save the coral reefs by planting coral?

Coral Restoration staff collecting coral from the underwater nursery

Join us for a Coral Restoration dive to the CRF nursery and after planting coral on a reef!

These events are open to all certified divers

How do we get our training?

You will join the CRF team at their offices at 9am to hear how they are working to save and replant the coral reefs in the Florida Keys

Some practical demonstrations on how to plant Coral and make sure they can grow.

Following this you will get practical demonstration on how to clean and look after coral in the nursery and a chance have a go for yourself in the classroom.

Your education and training session finishes around 11am so you can get an early lunch. Be at our dive shop in Jules undersea park at 1230 with your gear ready to board our boat and head out to the nursery.

If you do not have your own gear we can have plenty of rental equipment for you to use.

Whats the dive plan?

Working in buddy pairs and assisted by a CRF team member you will clean, harvest and plant coral.

First dive on the reef will be to help clean some of the 750 coral trees that CRF look after.

Second dive is made on the live coral reef where, depending on conditions, you will get to plant some coral. each coral plant has a registered number that you will be able to record and track progress over the years!

Each of the dives is around 45min in 30 feet of water or less.

Planting coral

We go to one of 2 different locations for these dives either to the nursery in Tavenier and then to Pickles reef OR we head out to Carysfort nursery and reef for out planting. The decision on where to go relies a lot on the tides and weather.

We return to the dock at Jules around 5pm.

Whats the cost

The cost for this coral restoration dive trip is $80 and includes tanks and weights. There is an additional donation of $50 per diver to CRF for this event.

What dates are available

The 2020 dates for these dives are;

Saturday 22 August
Saturday 19 September
Sunday 24 October
Sunday 8 November
Sunday 13 December

Book online now!

We may add more dates depending on demand, if you have a group of 6 or more that would like to go please let us know and we can arrange it for you.

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