Snorkeling in Key Largo

We offer the very best snorkeling in Key Largo. We review all conditions, weather, current, visibility, where the best wildlife is and take into account the snorkel ability of the group on board the boat for the trip and then make recommendations of the best places to go. The snorkel site is then chosen by you!

Of course you can always let us know if you have a bucket list place to go to or a preference and we will take you there!

Island Venture boats at the dock in the Pilot House Marina in Key Largo

Our boats depart at 8am returning at 11.30 and again at 1pm returning at 4.30. We are located in the Pilot House Marina in the center of Key Largo where we have ample parking and there are many hotels and accommodations right near our shop, you do not even need to venture back out on the US1! Boats are located on slips 5 and 6 between CRF exploration center and our dive shop.

Just a 35 min boat ride south will get you to the amazing Molasses Reef which is the number 1 reef in the Keys. This shallow reef is depicted on many of the advertisements for the florida keys. The snorkeling on Molasses reef is amazing and there is always plenty of wildlife to see, schooling fish, Turtles, Eels, Eagle Rays and maybe even a passing friendly shark.

Just 40 mins north will get us to Grecian reef and Key Largo Dry Rocks where the statue of Christ is located. Grecian reef is the shallowest reef that we go to and in a lot of places only 8 feet deep. Being so shallow its an ideal place to snorkel for you children as its less frightening.

Family snorkeling

Our boat will stop for just over an hour at each of the dive sites. We always give you a detailed brief of the snorkel site, where to go and what you might see and the time to be back, you are free to get off the boat when you are ready. As its a smaller boat you wont have to wait for 30 other snorkelers to get off before you can get in!

For each of our chosen snorkel sites all the cool things to see will be within 100 feet of the boat so you do not need to go far.

Getting off and on the boat is real easy as we have a swim step at the back where you can sit down and put your snorkel gear on then slide into the water.

If you would like help getting in and out of the water we are happy to assist, just let us know.

The charter includes mask, snorkel, fins and safety vest with emergency whistle. We also have noodles on board so you can take it easy during you snorkel.

There are fish ID cards on the boat to help you identify the wildlife you will see and we also have some fascinating facts about some of the local fish you will see.

Photograph of Grecian Reef taken from the south end. The water is clear and has snorkelers in the water. You can see a large catamaran boat n the distance

Need help planning your snorkel trip? Check out our article on best time of year to go and what weather you can expect!

Snorkel Boat Charter

$ 599 .00

3.5 hour snorkel tour

  • Tours leave at 8am and 1pm
  • Bring up to 12 passengers
  • Snorkel gear included
  • Wetsuits available to rent
Two snorkelers in the water taken from 20 feet below them by a SCUBA diver

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