Coral Disease Key Largo

There has been a lot of media attention around the coral disease in Key Largo.

We thought you would like to know how we have become involved!

Coral head with tag no 26
Coral head tag 26

Recently we helped inspect the antibiotic putty that have placed on coral heads on the Key Largo reef tract.

The treatment is experimental at present and has been placed on around 60 coral heads from Carysfort to Molasses reef.

diseased coral head close up
diseased coral head close up

You can easily spot the treatments as each has a placard with a number on it and a website to contact. The current tags are waiting to be replaced as the website has been changed.  The correct we address is

NOVA Southeastern University is encouraging divers to take photographs for the coral head and the relevant placard and the to load it onto their website.  This will help NOVA to monitor the effect of the remedy.

You can see the antibiotic paste holding the diseased coral at bay here.

Latest advice and maps

Disease Flyer_FINAL_20190206

Here are the latest maps showing the location of the treatment sites.

Molasses FB Treatment Site Map

KL Dry Rocks FB Treatment Site Map

Grecian Rocks FB Treatment Site Map

Want to be part of the monitoring?

If you would like to visit some of these coral heads lets us know and you can be part of the solution!

Some Sunscreens are also affecting our coral reef. Read this article by of friends a Snorkels and Fins to find out more!