Fish watching in Key Largo

Fish Watching in Key Largo

Diver watching school of fish underwater

Diver fish watching in Key Largo

Want to know more about the fish you see in the waters of Key Largo and their life styles?

Fish Watching in Key Largo at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef state park is amazing if you know what to look for.

Key Largo reef has over 500 species of fish that are easily identified if you know how to identify them.

Identification is based on Shape, Color, special marking, habitat and behaviors.

Don’t be alarmed by thinking you will never learn all those details. In conjunction with REEF.org we have some special ways to help you remember how to identify them.

Once you start Fish Watching you will find it fascinating discovering what all the fish are up to in their daily lives.

You will even discover how to tell how old some of the fish are.

Join us for a Fish Watching and identification tour

When you reserve one of our Private Charter tours, for an additional $100 you can request that it be a Fish Watching tour. We will provide you with up to 10 slates and special underwater paper to record what fish you see.  Its great fun and educational for all of the family!

Record the fish you see on the Coral Reef and hep REEF.org gain data of where the fish are

One of the ways you can help us understand more about the fish on the reef is to register for free at REEF.org for a membership number that will then let you register your fish count on an international database.

Become a registered fish surveyor!

There are a number of levels that you can achieve with you fish counts that are recorded with Reef.org.

You can become ‘Super Surveyor’ if you record 25 fish surveys in 2021, head over the REEF.org for more details!

How to identify Fish

Come and spend a couple of hours with us prior to you private dive or snorkel tour and for a small additional cost of $100 for your group. We will teach you what to look for and even have some fun whilst we are at it.  This is a land based activity and conducted at our shop, call for more details.

Head over to or friends at REEF who do free Fishinars where you can learn about the fish you will see when you get here!

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