Island Ventures Waivers


Welcome to our waiver page. Waivers are a necessary document and should be ready prior to signature. 

The waiver is an important part of our snorkel and SCUBA safety policy and provides safety information that must be read.

All guests on who wish to board one of our boats will need to complete an online waiver.

We ask that guests complete the waiver prior to arriving at our shop as this helps all our customers be protected from infection from COVID-19 as you wont need to use one of our tablets.

If you are going to snorkel or ride on the boat only then please complete this waiver. Please note that for the snorkel waiver the responsible adult can complete one waiver for all of the minors in their care. Once the minors are completed the adult will need to complete an additional waiver for themselves.

If you are an adult and going to SCUBA dive with us please complete this waiver.

If you are a minor accompanying an adult on a SCUBA dive please complete this minors SCUBA waiver. You will need the adult who will be accompanying you on your dive to sign your waiver too.

If you are joining one of our sunset tours and have not completed one of the above waivers then please complete this waiver

For instructors and certified divers who have reserved SCUBA Tanks for use in Jules lagoon please complete this waiver.

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