Ultimate Birthday Party Snorkel


Ladies Birthday party on board snorkel tour boat Island Venture
Birthday Party Snorkel Tour

Young or old we all like to have a little celebration once in a while. Island Ventures Birthday Party Snorkel Key Largo is great fun.

An afternoon out on the reef in a quiet spot, in your own private boat, is a great way to celebrate for families and friends.

Bring your own food and make an afternoon of it. You can also bring adult beverages for the way back to the dock, all we ask is that you do not re-enter the water once alcohol has been consumed! We can provide a large cooler for you to keep everything cool whilst you are in the water.

Bring your own music too for that real party feel

Our private charters leave the dock at 8am or 1pm and return 3.5 hours later.

It takes around 40 minutes to get out to the reef where you can enjoy 2 hrs of water time.  The reef that we take you too will be in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary The exact location will depend on the abilities of your group and what you want to see.  We will make recommendations but ultimately it is up to you where we go, it’s your boat.

The Private tour costs is $599 and we can carry up to 12 passengers.  The price includes all snorkel gear.  If you want to bring more people give us a call on 305 451 4957 as we have more than 1 boat and can arrange to meet out on the reef.

If the weather is not being kind for your celebration we can arrange to go out to a quite cove on the bayside where its generally calm in all but the worst weather!