Octopus are among the most amazing creatures that we see on our trips.

There are over 300 different species of octopus that have been identified.

Masters of disguise can hide right in front of you by changing their skin color matching the background making them really hard to see on the reef.

Nine brains, Blue Blood no DNA match to any other creatures makes these critters very unique.

Tentacles can communicate to the other tentacles without going to the brain in the head so can make independent decisions.

Hunting with other fish they can direct activities of the hunt by punching other fish with its tentacles.  Scientists have also witnessed Octopus punching other fish just out of spite!

Atlantic Pygmy Octopus

We found this little guy whilst sorting the ocean debris we collected in June 2019 after our dive against debris trip. About the same size as a contact lens.

The smallest species of octopus to live on this planet. It also goes by the name small-egg Caribbean Pygmy Octopus.

Atlantic pygmy octopus can be a food source for spiny lobsters, swimming crabs and other larger crustaceans.

Mid-size predatory fish also prey upon these Octopus including box fish and smaller grouper 

Atlantic Pygmy Octopus

if you want to find out more about these little guys head over to our friends at Factlegend for 20 fun facts about these amazing creatures.

If you would like to go to the reef to SCUBA dive and look for Octopus please give us a call.

We cant guarantee you will see them but we know where we see them the most so thats a great start!