Molasses Reef

Molasses reef is undoubtedly the most popular reef in Key Largo for SCUBA Divers and Snorkelers.

Molasses Reef has an iconic light on the middle of the reef and has over 20 places to moor and SCUBA dive/snorkel. The south end of the reef often has a little current and is also the home of the larger pelagic species.

The Winchole

One of the popular spots at Molasses reef is the Winch hole. here an ancient boat winch is located. The story is that many years ago a ship had got stuck aground on the reef.

The practice in those days was to put an anchor on the rowing boat with a line attached to it and drop it on a deeper part of the reef.

The line was then attached to the winch and the sailors would simply winch themselves off the reef into deeper waters. However on this occasion they appeared to winch in the wrong direction resulting in the winch being pulled off the deck and sunk where it lies today.

Its a favorite place to take underwater photographs of your fellow divers.

Captain Wolfman at Winchhole
Captain Wolfman at Winchhole

Eagle Ray Alley

Eagle Ray Alley runs alongside of the Winch hole and you can get to either dive site from their moorings.

We often see larger Pelagic fish traveling along the Alley. Watch out for cruising reef sharks on the top of the alley walls too!

keep an eye out in the walls as there are often plenty of Spiny Lobster in holes. Note that you cannot catch lobster here. You will need to go on one of our lobster hunting tours for that!

Spiny lobster and Banded shrimp sharing a hole on Molasses reef
Spiny lobster and Banded shrimp

The Aquarium

There is always lots to see at Molasses reef. The Aquarium for some reason seems to have more than most and hence its name. you can expect to see an abundance of marine life but sometimes it does suffer from current

We often dive this site and just sit underneath the boat watching the nurse sharks resting under rocks.

Nurse shark under rock
Nurse shark under rock

We run SCUBA and Snorkel tours to this reef daily.

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