Best Key Largo Dive Sites

Best Key Largo Dive Sites

Island Ventures is located Oceanside in Jules Undersea Park, the home of the undersea hotel.  Our boats go to the Best Key Largo Dive Sites as far south as the beautiful Carysfort Reef to Snapper Ledge in the north and everywhere in between!

The reefs in Key Largo are all around 30 feet dep so are suitable for both divers and snorkelers. The reef systems are largely spur and groove and at some points are only feet away from the surface . This allows divers can get some depth in between the grooves and snorkelers can see the fantastic wildlife from the top to the bottom of the reef.

On average it takes 45 minutes to get from our dock to the Best Key Largo Dive Sites reef with the exception of Carysfort which is around an hour.

Carysfort Reef

Carysfort is furthest North Dive Site that we visit. This amazing reef is not visited by many dive operators from Key Largo so is uncrowded.  The reef is named after HMS Carysfort (1766), a 20-gun Royal Navy post ship that ran aground on the reef in 1770.  Built in 1852 its the oldest operational lighthouse in the US.

Elbow Reef

 Elbow reef Dive Site has at least 4 historic wrecks and many artifacts from the wrecks such as train wheels, anchor chain and cannons. Check out our more detailed Elbow Reef write up and see the wrecks from satellite!

Key Largo Dry Rocks

The Statue of Christ of the Abyss is located at Key Largo Dry Rocks, its a popular snorkel and dive site.

Grecian Reef

Grecian reef is a great snorkel site and we visit here every week.

Benwood Wreck

Benwood  dive site is a historic wreck that sank in 1945.  Lying in 25 to 45 feet of water this is a great dive with large schools of fish.

French Reef

French reef dive site has many swim throughs and great wild life.

Spielgel Grove

Spiegel Grove dive site is a giant wreck 510 feet long and in 65 to 130 feet of water. This is an advanced dive and only for divers.


USCGC Duane was sunk as an artificial reef this ex coastguard cutter is in 130 feet with the deck at 100 feet of water. This is an advanced dive and only for divers.

Molasses Reef

Molasses reef  dive site has over 20 places to moor there is much to see.  This reef often has the largest amount of large fish and pelagic species but also can also have current (which is probably why the pelagic spices are there)

Pickles Reef

Pickles Reef dive site is the wreck with the pickle barrels that have long since gone.

Snapper Ledge

Snapper ledge dive site has an abundant amount of Snapper.

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