Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary App

Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary App

The Florida keys is a long stretch of Islands at the very south of Florida. These beautiful islands stretch for over 100 miles. The waters around these islands can be a challenge to navigate with the reef system being some 5 miles off shore on the Atlantic side with the reef just a foot below the surface and often in places the reef will be exposed during low tide.

The waters and reefs are protected by law and controlled by the Florida Keys National Marine sanctuary organization (KFNMS) and patrolled by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission(FWC).

To help you navigate you way in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary they have created a great new app that tells you all about the sanctuary and where you can go.  This app is GPS enabled so you can use it whilst you are out on the water and get notifications of places of interest as you get near them.

Check out this promotional video from the sanctuary

Go to your Apple or Android app store and down load today!

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