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Lobstering in Florida


Lobstering in Florida is great fun! Key Largo has an abundance of marine life and among them the Florida Spiny Lobster. Many of our customers like to hunt for Lobster. There is an abundance of Florida Spiny Lobster that you will see on every dive on the Key Largo reef.

Lobsters that you see on the reefs are often inside the Sanctuary Protection Area and you are not allowed to hunt for them but we know where to go to find them.  Our captains and crew think like lobsters and know here the most likely places are for lobster at specific times and weather conditions.

The main season for hunting lobster is between August 6 and March 31.  There are a number of restrictions relating to size and number.  You should check the Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation commission for details.

There is a special mini season that is always the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July where members of the public are allowed to have first take of the spiny lobster, again there are restrictions to this so you should check the Florida Fish and Wildlife conservation commission for details.

Gear needed to catch lobster

Lobstering trips are first and foremost a SCUBA dive so you will need SCUBA gear, we have great rental gear if required.

Lobster tickle stick, measuring device, net and gloves are the basic requirements. We also have these for sale at the shop.

How we catch em!

On our lobster trips we take you to places that lobster are found, we cannot guarantee there will be lobsters there on that day though!  Bear in mind that we are unable to catch lobsters in the protected areas of the reef and once we have lobsters on board we cannot travel into the protected areas.



All lobster divers must have a lobster measuring device in the water with them and must measure lobsters prior to putting them in a bag and landing them on our boat.  Great care should be taken when capturing and measuring each lobster.  The lobsters are brought back to dock live and whole.  We do ask that you take your catch away with you live and supply bags for this purpose.

All Lobster hunters require a license. These can be purchased on line HERE.  If you are unsure of the license types more information can be found HERE

We only do full boat charters for Lobster hunting and the cost for a full half day is $650.

Full boat charters for the mini season are also popular at $650 for an AM or PM trip.  The boats can take up to 10 divers and come complete with an experienced grew who can take you to some of the best spots so come and have a lobster party!  These trips are booked ahead of time so it is advisable to book as early.


Facts about Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus)


Methods of catching Spiny Lobster


Gear needed for catching Spiny Lobster


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