Lionfish Hunting

Lion Fish Hunting

Lion fish are an invasive species that can decimate a reef of its native fish life.

Some Amazing Facts!

Since 1985 the population of Lion Fish has grown massively

One adult lion fish can consume up to 60 native fish a day

An adult lion Fish can produce up to 2 million baby lion fish per year

Baby Lion Fish start hunting and consuming native reef fish after 3 days

The largest record lionfish measured a little over 47.7cm or 19.5 inches and was speared near Islamorada, Florida in the United States

Permits Required

Catching Lion fish in the Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary  does not require a permit where fishing is normally allowed.

You will need a Permit to catch Lion fish in the Sanctuary Preservation Areas.

Hand nets or slurp guns only, no Spearguns or pole spears.

In all cases you should attend a Lion Fish safe handling and collection workshop with Reef.org

Our Trips

We run exclusive monthly Lion Fish removal trips for up to 8 divers.

These exclusive monthly trips are $110 per 2 tank dive and include tanks and weights.

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