Island Ventures Location


Diversity at Pilot House Marina

We are pleased to announce that from 1 October 2023 Island Ventures location will be at the Pilot House Marina.  We have moved a very short distance across the harbor and now have our shop and facilities right on the dockside.

Our shop contains all our serviced rental gear and we have many sizes available.

We have t shirts, hoodies, rash guards, hats and some scuba spares available in the shop.

Our fully serviced compressor is now resident in its own area where we can fill air and Nitrox at 30%.

Our shop is open every day from 7.30am to 5.30 pm. If the door is shut just give us a call on 305 451 4957 and we will come to you as we wont be far away!

If you are traveling from the north take the left turn at the traffic lights at MM100 just after Divers Direct store on the left with the giant dive flag.

If you are traveling from the south take a right at the lights prior to the large divers direct flag

Take the first right turning and go to T junction where you turn left. Travel down the road until you see the sign for the Pilot House and take the left turn between the American Legion and the Pilot House boat racks.

Pilot House snorkel parking
Pilot House snorkel parking

After 100 feet you will see the Pilot House (Additional)parking lot on your left. You can park in here. Please do not park in the American Legion parking lot.

Our dock is situated directly across the road from the paring lot between the Coral Restoration building and the boat storage racks.

If you are bringing your own tanks then let us know and we can bring over the tank cart for you.

If you have snorkel or scuba gear or a cooler we can bring the cart over for you, just let us know, were here to help!

There are restrooms available right by our shop. The door has a code and we will be happy to let you have it.

Local Facilities

In the marina is the ‘Pilot House‘ restaurant and bar. This is a well know friendly locals bar and seafood restaurant that is open Wednesday Thru Sunday from 11.30am. If you tell the bar staff and servers that you are our customers they will give you 10% off your restaurant bill.

If you want to check out the weather at the Pilot House HERE is the webcam overlooking the harbor.

Also located in the harbor is the Fisheries restaurant ‘Backyard Cafe‘ that is very relaxed and open from 11am each day. Just order at the hatch and collect your buzzer, take a seat and they will call you when your food is ready.

The Backyard cafe is a seafood restaurant that serves fish caught locally and is always very fresh!

The fisheries also has a fish market where you can buy many types of locally caught fish and many foodie accessories to go with it.

While you are at the fisheries pop down to the dock where the fish food vending machine is and you will more than likely see many nurse sharks sat on the bottom waiting for food. Nurse sharks a prevalent in the marina as they hang around waiting for scraps of food from the fishermen when they come in and prepare their catch. Quite often yoy can see the nurse sharks and Pelicans fighting over the scraps!

If you are lucky you may see manatees at our dock whilst we are preparing the boat to go out!