Reef Conservation with Island Ventures

At Island Ventures we like to do everything that we can to help save our planet and its endangered reefs.

We have a number of initiatives and products that we use.

Dive against Debris

We run regular debris clean up trips to the reef with funding help from the National Marine Sanctuary.  We are able to offer free dive places to divers to help recover debris from the Key Largo reef


Our boats have StreamtoSea sunscreen on board that is free for our guests to use.  This sunscreen is free from the chemicals that harm the reef. It is also free from the sunscreen chemicals that are harm full to humans too! We hope that you wont be offended if we ask you not to use your own sunscreen whilst on our boat.

Read more about how sunscreen affects the coral reef this article by our friends at snorkels and fins



We use Cora Ball in our washing machine to capture micro plastics so we do not send the micro plastics into the ocean.


Sky Ocean Rescue

UK media company Sky are making a significant $30m investment with companies who are developing new products to replace the plastics often found in our oceans.

On their website you can also find free student resources to help spread awareness of the plastic issue.


Coral Disease

Read our page on Coral Disease