Snorkel Safety Policy

We take your enjoyment and safety seriously and ask that you abide by our snorkel safety policy. All snorkelers will need to complete and sign our waiver.

Adult waivers can be accessed here

If you have minors with you they can be listed on one waiver with the name of the responsible adult as the adult.  If this is the case the adult will still need to complete their own waiver.

Waivers should be completed the day prior to your snorkel tour with the date of the tour listed.


You must be able to swim to come snorkeling with us.

The minimum age for snorkelers is 7 years old you will be asked to confirm this during booking. If you have children under 7 we can take them but they will need additional safety equipment.

We provide you with a snorkel safety vest that you must use. Snorkeling on the Key Largo reef can be a strenuous activity if you have not been in the water for a while. You should be in good physical condition.

We want you to a fun when you snorkel with us so there are some factors you should consider.

There will be waves on the reef most of the time that may be more difficult to swim in. You can check the weather for your trip on our weather page.

There may be current on the reef that may be more difficult to swim in.

If both of those happen together would I get out of breath and too tired to swim?

There will be lots of fish in the water you are snorkeling in.

We ask that you inform us prior to your arrival if you have any health issues that would make the above more difficult to manage.

Our aim is for you to have the best possible time with us on your trip!