Book with confidence with Island Ventures weather warranty!

What happens to your snorkel or scuba reservation when the weather turns bad

Because we only offer private charters we are able to offer our full money back weather warranty!

Majority of the snorkel and scuba shops in Key Largo are head boats where the shop owners take bookings from many different customers to fill thier large boats.

The cancellation policy is always more than 24 hours and in some cases there is a non refundable deposit.

When the poor weather arrives in Key Largo the big shops keep their boats running unless its unsafe todo so. This does mean that you could be out on seas that are over 3 feet and there is no reschedule/refund available.

They have to do this as if they offer to cancel or move customers to other days as they may end up with just the die hard snorkelers and divers left to take out. This may mean they would have to run a trip that is unprofitable or they may loose money and also end up upsetting those who do want to go out.

This is why you often see negative reviews about going out in seas to rough on the big operators.

Why are we different?

We do not have different individuals on our boats we have one group. All our boats are private charters and they are booked by one person. If the weather looks like it is not going to make the tour fun we will contact the leader of the party and offer to either move or cancel the tour. Of course they can still decide to go should they want to!

Why is a weather warranty important?

This weather warranty is particularly important when you a taking young children out on boats as they can be seasick and get frightened putting them of water activities for ever.

We would rather cancel and not run a tour rather than have unhappy customers.

Our business is not built on how many people we can take out but is on honesty, having fun and a great reputation.

This means you can book with confidence knowing that you are going to have the best time with Island Ventures!