Discover the Amazing Key Largo Coral Reef


Molasses coral reef

Unveiling the Vitality of Key Largo’s Spectacular Coral Reef Ecosystem! Explore the USA’s Largest Living Reef, a Haven for Marine Life and Island Protection

The reef is the third largest reef in the world and the only living reef in the US.

Stretching the length of Key Largo and beyond the John Pennekamp Coral Reef provides protection for the Island and provides a habitat for marine wildlife.

We have over 600 species of fish on the reefs of the keys.

How we help

We provide a brief to all of our visiting divers and snorkelers prior to thier dives/snorkel on the reef.

We provide reef friendly Sunscreen and Leave in hair Conditioner on our boats Free Of Charge these products are also for sale in our shop for visitors to take with them. Both of these products are supplied by StreamtoSea.

Coral Cleaning
Coral Cleaning

Working with the Coral Restoration Foundation  we assist in taking the teams to the Coral nurseries.

You can join our special dive trips where we plant coral and clear the ocean of debris





How can you help?

When you dive the reefs respect nature and take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but bubbles!

Read our page on Coral Disease

Control your buoyancy and do not touch the fragile reef.

You can also join our special dive trips where we clean and plant coral and clear the ocean of debris

You can help even when you are not visiting the Keys!

Remember that everything that you use that is not consumed will have to end up somewhere.  We can no longer simply throw something away and forget about it.

Consider the need for using straws and single use plastic and avoid these where possible.