Island Ventures weekly events 2024

January 2024

9 January Strong winds have kept the boats at the dock today, we hope to be out tomorrow

10 January Vis very poor today with 1 foot swells at grecian, we couldnt see the statue at dry rocks

11 January – waves less than 2 feet with some nice vis on French

12 January No vis on Benwood dove abandoned found some nice vis on French. waves around a 2 foot. water F75

13 Jan. Seas have been around 2 feet today with some 3 footers. French reef showing good visibility, water temp is F75.

14 Jan – Seas around 2 foot on Molasses this morning, great vis and plenty of wildlife to see. Water temp F75 and just a little current

15 Jan – Seas around 3 foot and some 4s on the Benwood and there was current. French reef largely the same but had better visibility and less current. Sea temp F76

Jan 19 – we saw some fog for the second time recently today but the seas are calm.

Jan 20 Friday The latest weather warning from National Weather Service is

  • A lengthy blow will begin on Saturday and then persist through next Friday
  • East winds will peak near 30 knots Monday morning through Monday evening

This is a long blow but we will post updates as wenget them and as we see it