Island Ventures Boats

Island Ventures boats are 3 almost identical Island Hoppers, ‘Island Venture’, ‘Diversity’ and Island Diver. All are Coast Guard Inspected and carry the latest safety gear on

Island Venture
Island Venture

board.  We are inspected each year on the safety equipment that we carry and to ensure the boats are seaworthy.

All 3 can be used to SCUBA dive or Snorkel or a combination of both. We find that our groups really like the intimacy of the small group charters.

Island Ventures had a new engine in April 2017 and now runs super sweet.

We licensed for 22 snorkelers but limit numbers to 12 to improve comfort.

For SCUBA divers we are licensed for 15 divers on each but we set a maximum of 10 divers.  This ensures everybody is comfortable with enough space to gear up.  We want you to have the best experience possible!


Diversity had a new engine in April 2018. Some additional upgrades include new seat covers to make snorkeling super comfortable.

Both of our boats have a cover over the seating are so you can keep out of the strong Florida sun.  We carry reef safe sunscreen on board each boat that is free to use. We would prefer that you use our sunscreen to help protect our reefs.

Diversity seats

Seats on Diversity make snorkel trips to the reef super comfortable.

There is ice cold water always available on both boats so bring your reusable cups!

Do not worry if you do not have cups we have paper cups on board too, we do not use plastic bottles

Boat procedures

Giant Stride

Access to the reef from our boats is simple and quick with the ladders at the rear the platform is almost on the water so you do not have far to jump!