Grecian Reef Key Largo

Grecian reef is one of our favorite snorkel sites and also has some excellent scuba diving too!

Where is Grecian reef?

Photograph of Grecian Reef taken from the south end. The water is clear and has snorkelers in the water. You can see a large catamaran boat n the distance
Grecian Reef Key Largo

Around 5 miles off shore Grecian is in one of the Sanctuary Preservation Areas(SPA), designated by 4 large (30 inch) yellow boundary balls.

About a quarter of a mile long the reef stretches from in front of the post marking the reef south to the edge of the SPA area.

Grecian is one of the only sheltered spots when the prevailing wind is coming from the South East and our go to reef when its windy as the reef faces seaward giving a calm area to snorkel behind, its also a great spot for smaller children.

The reef is at its best just after low tide when the water is rising.  This gives protection from any waves there may be.

The south end by the stake is the most protected and has much wildlife to look at.  You should be careful not to go over the reef as it can get very shallow, on very low tides the reef does come out of the water!

The middle of the reef on the inside is great for families as there is lots to see in either direction North or South.

The south end has mooring bouys 1, 2, 3 that are around the deeper channel that comes in from the Atlantic.  Here the wildlife is larger as there is often current and only the larger fish can live there.  We often see small sharks cruising by  and large Barracudas sitting in the current waiting for a fishy snack.  During Eagle Ray season May thru September we often see them passing by too.

On the outside ball you can see the old staging that was used to secure the underwater cameras used for filming the underwater scenes of James Bond Thunderball movies in the late 1960s!

The outside mooring ball is number 12 and is a great snorkel and dive when the waters are calm.  During the summer we often see Eagle Rays and sharks cruising by here.

Boats are not permitted to anchor at this reef if there is one of the 12 mooring buoys available to tie up to.  Some of the mooring buoys are very shallow at low tide.

Check out our video of grecian reef early in the morning when its still and quite!

Grecian Reef video

What wildlife will we see?

Watch the Eagle ray video!

The structure of Grecian Reef means that you can see both small Caribbean reef fish and large conch but also see large Eagle Rays passing through!

Look out for the Parrot fish munching away on the reef.  They consume the Alge that lives on it and eventually poop out sand and you can often see them doing this.

Also look out for the large Conch shells that often hang out around the post. if you watch carefully you may see their antenna come out and move along the reef.

Please remember that this reef is in the Sanctuary preservation area.  There is a no touch no take rule in force and you should not pick up the conch shells as this could harm them.