Advanced Open Water Certification

Advanced Open Water certification is the next step from Open Water certification in recreational SCUBA diving. This course is designed for completion either directly after the Open Water course, or after improving your skills and getting a number of dives in your log book.

5 adventure dives – 2 core dives, and 3 elective dives, your choice. We structure the advanced course differently for every student, as the combination of dives is wide. With Island Ventures its your choice what you want to do as you will be in a private class with just you and your friends/family.

Here is the general structure of the course:

Advanced Open Water Core Dives

Advanced Open Water

Underwater Navigation

Underwater Navigation
This diving fundamental will keep you on track in your future dives. Learn the tel tale signs of the underwater landscape to know your way back to the boat or shore. Discover how to use a compass and try it out on land.

Deep Dive

Deep Dive
This dive is your gateway to all the dives the deeper ocean can offer.

Advanced Open Water Specialty Dives

Next there is a choice of 10 specialty dives, of which you will choose 3 to complete the Advanced
Open Water. These include:


Boat Diver

Drift Diver

Night Dive

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Search & Recovery

Naturist (underwater)

Photography (underwater)

Videography (underwater)

Wreck Diver

Caitlin - Advanced Open Water

Advanced Open Water contains significantly less theory than your Open Water did.  PADI online learning is an excellent way to absorb all the new information at your own pace. This link will take you the page to sign up for the online part of the course, currently $210.

Once this is completed call us and we can arrange your adventure dives with an instructor for $395, this includes the instruction, tanks, weights and boat trips but not equipment rental.

Rental Equipment

Basic SCUBA equipment is required, a safety sausage and a dive computer. If you require equipment rental we can provide you with our excellent full equipment package for just $25 for the day

How does the course run?

You arrive at our shop on day one and complete the relevant paperwork. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire that will assess your fitness to dive.

We ill also check that you have understood all the online learning with a quick multiple knowledge review with your instructor.

Rental equipment if required will be issued and we ill check you have everything you need for the scheduled Advanced Open Water dives.

This course is all fun from here on in !!!!

Peak Performance Buoyancy will take place in a sheltered spot in the ocean.  This will help you get your weight correct and most importantly in the right place so you are perfectly weighted.

An introduction to underwater navigation will be completed on dry land prior to trying it out in the Ocean

After this you will get some lunch in one of our local restaurants (not included)

You will board our boat just before 1pm with your instructor for 2 amazing dives usually a deep dive on the Spiegel Grove and an additional wreck dive.

The following day you will get another 2 dives to complete you certification.

Returning to the dock at 12 noon there is some additional paperwork to complete and a photograph for your certification card and that it your certified!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any more questions you may have!