Activities in Key Largo on windy days

If you are looking for other activities in key largo on windy days when not diving or if it is too windy on the ocean.  Checkout some of these great activities

Try one of our Eco tours onto the Bayside. these can be to snorkel or just a dry Eco tour where you do not get off the boat but still get to see some amazing wildlife.

Coral Restoration Centre(CRF)

Our Amazing friends at CRF would be happy to see you at thier exploration centre right next to our dive shop. Pop in and see what an excellent job they are doing regenerating ocean wildlife!

This would be a great introduction to our Coral Restoration dive program that we run every month. You get to see the massive coral nursery in the water and get to help clean the corals.

Key Largo Fisheries

Not only does the fisheries have a restaurant and fish shop but they have an amazing area where you will see sharks! Stop at the dock where the harbor wall is right next to the restaurant. There is a floating walkway out into the harbor for visiting boats. If you look just by where this floating walkway starts you will see nurse sharks hanging around waiting for handouts from the fishermen. If you don’t see any pop into the fish shop where they have TV screens on the wall showing live view of under that dock.

Jacobs swimming pool

Jacobs Aquatics is just up the road from our shop. They have a great pool for all the family with diving boards, swim lanes and a childrens water play pool.

Robbies restaurant and market

Robbies A place where you can feed the tarpon off the dock, remember to watch out for Pelicans stealing your fish! This site also has a webcam so you can see what its like before you go!

Turtle Hospital

Turtle Hospital In Marathon a great place to see turtles

Dolphin Research Centre

Dolphin Research Center – All here are rescued and are able to escape if they wanted to. A great way to spend a few hours

Dolphin and Mammal rescue centre

Swim with the dolphins right here in Key Largo. Located just down from our dock is the amazing dolphin and mammal rescue center.

Guided Eco Kayak tour in Tavenier

Try our friends down in Tavenier for a guided eco kayak tour to paddle through the mangrove ecosystem of Tavernier Creek on a kayak or paddleboard on this guided tour. Ideal for first-time paddlers, glide in shallow, clear water over sponges, grass beds, and sandy patches. Marine life like turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and manatees can sometimes be spotted nearby. Sunset and night tours with lighted boards are also available.

History of Diving Museum

History of diving museum is a great activity when its windy. Plenty to see here for a few hours.

Bass pro shop

Bass pro shop If your up for retail therapy check out Bass pro shop and their replica of Hemingways boat right in their shop. they also have a large fish tank where you can see floridas local spiney lobster

Once you are done in the pro shop wander down to the dock in the parking lot.  Here you will see sharks in the water waiting for scraps of fish from the fish cleaning station.

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