Key Largo SCUBA Diving

There are many options for Key Largo SCUBA Diving from the beautiful reefs and shallow wrecks to the deep ship wrecks sunk purposely for SCUBA Divers.

Key Largo SCUBA Diving with Captain Wolfman on Molasses reef
Captain Wolfman

We are often asked what are the best places to SCUBA dive and the answer is always the same. Really depends on what you want to see or do and what the conditions are on the day!

Not a great answer we know! But SCUBA divers have many different needs and wants. There are also nearly as many weather and conditions variables.

Types of diving in Key Largo

Reef Dives

The key largo reef is beautiful and has a great deal of wild life and its not deep and generally has good visibility. We often sit right under the boat and just watch the wildlife going about their daily business. You will always see something different on every dive even if its to the same place, believe us we go to a lot of the same place and dive a lot!

When Key Largo SCUBA diving you will see Bull sharks on Molasses like this one next to the reef
Bull shark on Molasses

This is a photo graph taken in 25 feet of water on Molasses reef

Shallow Wreck Dives

Then there are the shallow wreck dives, City of Washington, Hannah M Bell and the Benwood all in less than 50 feet of water.

Benwood Bow
Benwood Wreck Bow

Deep Wreck Dives

The deeper wrecks of The Spiegel Grove, Duane and Bibb are all in around 140 feet of water and are for advanced certified divers who what to go deeper. they are all guaranteed to thrill.

Dive against Debris Dives

You can join in helping to keep the reef clear of marine debris by taking part in one of our dive against debris dives, a way for divers to give back to the environment for all the pleasure its given them.

Coral Planting Dives

In association with Coral Restoration Foundation we run regular trips to clean and plant coral. These are specialist dives and can be booked in advance

Lion Fish removal dives

We run special Lion fish removal dives to help the reef stay healthy and keep the numbers of these predators low as possible. These are specialist dives. We only do full boat charters for these types of dives as the boat cannot enter the Sanctuary Preservation Area.

Lobster Hunting

We run Lobster hunting dives during season for those who want to do these dives. These are specialist dives. We only do full boat charters for these dives as the boat cannot enter the Sanctuary Protection Area.

Then there is the weather to work with!

The weather in Key Largo has a large influence over which dive sites we visit. The weather, tides and currents also have a huge influence on the sites we visit. We cant always go to every dive site on every day .

Whilst we have a fairly good idea of what the weather is going to be like throughout the year we always take one day at a time.

The conditions are reviewed each morning at 7am and a decision on where will be best to go for the first trip. This is based on what it was like the day before and our experience of being on the reef. This decision is constantly updated through the day as we encounter conditions.

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