Learn to SCUBA dive with PADI

Learn to SCUBA dive with PADI and Island Ventures

Learn to dive in the warm waters of the Florida Keys. Our Instructors are certified by PADI and their Open Water course. The most widely recognized scuba qualification in the world. This certification is the first step, and can open the door to many scuba adventures!

Our E-learning online class is provided directly by PADI and gives you less time in the classroom on your vacation. Register to begin the academic work  from the comfort of your home.  PADI charge $185.00 for this E-learning portion of the class and you can sign up directly through the link above.

If you have already completed your classroom and pool lessons with another shop local to you no worry we can still do the open water certification here in Key Largo.  Commonly known as a referral the cost of this reduced to $295 and includes all 4 dives and gear.

Once completed contact our friendly shop to arrange the in water classes.

We will run the course for you even if you are the only student, many of our courses end up as private courses with just you and the instructor!

Our Open Water class with us is $375 and includes all instruction, gear and boat rides!

SCUBA Diving Family

Family learning to SCUBA dive at Jules lagoon

Day 1 

You arrive at 9am, meet your instructor and complete paperwork.

An introduction to the equipment and your first dives in our lagoon right next to the shop for your very first breath underwater!

Noon we stop for some  lunch (not provided) and then we are off to the reef for your first dives in the ocean.

During your Ocean dives you will practice what you learnt in the lagoon and at the same time marvel at the stunning underwater world!

Once you have completed your dives you will get a debrief from your instructor as our boat returns to the dock at 5pm

SCUBA diving training

SCUBA diving training in Jules lagoon

Day 2 

In the morning we are back in the lagoon for more skills practice and then its off to the ocean for your final check out dives.

You will return to the dock at 5PM where we complete your dive logs and thats it your certified!

As always, our price is all inclusive and includes all the gear rental you need for the day.

At the end of day 2, you will be a certified PADI Scuba diver!

You are free to dive any where in the world with your PADI Open Water divers certification within the limits you have been trained.

If you want to learn more about diving and increase your skills level consider taking you Advanced Open Water training with Island Ventures.

Opening the door to the realm of Scuba diving across the world for more adventurous dives like the Spiegel Grove.

Happy SCUBA divers on boat

Happy SCUBA divers on boat

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