Bayside Snorkel Trips

Bayside Snorkeling

When the wind blows and snorkeling on the reef is not possible we have the option to snorkel on the Bayside of Key Largo.

How do we get there?

Meeting at our shop in Jules Undersea Park we leave our dock and turn into Largo Sound. After a quarter of a mile we  turn into Marvin Adams Cut.  This is a man made canal that takes us past some of the nicest homes in Key Largo.  We will pass under the US1 and you will notice the large fresh water pipe where all of the fresh water for the whole keys comes from!  We will travel out onto the bay and to one of our secluded coves.

Whats on the bayside?

Snorkeling on the Bayside of Key Largo is very different than the Key Largo reef.  Nonetheless it is a very important part of the eco system of the Florida Keys.  Often referred to as the ‘nursery’ for the reef it is where a lot of juvenile fish and critters hatch and develop.  Depths in the bay are typically under 10 feet deep and the water is often very clear.

How do you snorkel on the Bayside?

We will take you to one of the secluded coves and drop anchor.  Normally there there is very little wave action even when its windy. This is due to the Mangroves soaking up wave action and how they protect the island from hurricanes.  Without the mangroves the island would probably be blown away by now!

Sit on the swim step on the back of the boat and ‘bellyflop’ into the water and glide across the shallow crystal clear waters of the bay.  Its important that you float on top of the water here to stop your fins from kicking up the bottom and creating cloudy water.

Swim towards the mangroves where they meet the water and get right up close to the mangrove roots and look underneath the roots.  You will have to let your eyes acclimatize and if you look hard you will see an amazing sight of hiding fish and critters.

We will go to 2 different areas of the Bay and you can relax on the boat during your snorkels as the water will be calm.

What will I see?



Juvenile sharks


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