Breathing Nitrox used to be the realm of technical diving, but it is now used by a large number of divers for it’s safe recreational benefits too!

Using Nitrox will increase your bottom time by reducing the nitrogen uptake you would get from breathing normal air at depth. Enriched air also helps reduce fatigue, and minimize surface intervals on multiple dives.

The PADI Nitrox certificate is quick and easy to do. We’ll provide you with the learning material, knowledge reviews, and the exam. That’s it! Then it’s out on the water to use 2 tanks of Nitrox for the first time.

We provide NITROX for certified NITROX divers at a cost of $10 per tank at 3000PSI and a 30% mix.

If you would like use NITROX please call ahead of your dives to ensure we have it reserved for you.


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