Statue of Jesus underwater

Statue of Jesus underwater

statue of Jesus head shot

The world famous statue of Jesus underwater

The Statue of Jesus is a world famous snorkeling spot and our most requested snorkel location. Not only from our guests but visiting boaters who are out for the day on the reef!

The famous statue is located at Key Largo Dry Rocks a circular reef that is almost 6 miles from land.  The reef is in a Sanctuary protected area and is surrounded by mooring balls for boats to moor up to.

This site gets very busy during peak holiday times and its wise to plan your trip to the statue to ensure you get to see it especially of its on your bucket list!

We have found the early morning is the best time to visit the statue before all the head boats arrive as they can have 40 snorkelers on each boat.

As we only provide private charters you can leave when you are ready rather than have to wait for late arrivals.

Getting to the statue before other boats is magical as there is still a great deal of wildlife to see that normally disappears when the other boats arrive.  We can also get very close to the statue so you do not have too far to swim especially of there is current on the day.

Weather also plays a part in the enjoyment of this snorkel site and there are some days when we cant go to the statue due to wave hight.  So if the statue of Jesus underwater is on your bucket list try to book your snorkel tour at the beginning of your vacation so if we need to move it along by a day or two you wont be disappointed.



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