Learn to SCUBA dive

Learn to SCUBA dive with Island Ventures. Our Instructors are all trained by PADI -Proffesional Association of Diving Instructors- and their Open Water course your doorway to diving. The most widely recognized scuba qualification in the world. This certification is the first step, and can open the door to many scuba adventures!

Our E-learning class is provided directly by PADI and gives you less time in the classroom on your holiday. Register here to begin the academic work and quizes from the comfort of your couch at home. PADI charge $185.00 for this E-learning portion of the class.

The next step is to call our friendly shop and arrange to take the in water classes with us in Key Largo and we can get you in the water, not the classroom!

The cost of the Open Water class with us is $375 and includes all instruction, gear and boat rides!

Day 1 – AM

You will complete 3 of the 5 confined water sessions.

Day 2 – AM

Final confined water sessions 4 & 5

 Day 1 – PM

Open water dives 1 & 2 out in the ocean and you will get to visit the reef!

Day 2 – PM

Open water dives 3 & 4, again out in the Ocean and the beautiful reef

As always, our price is all inclusive and includes all the gear rental you need for the day. At the end of day 2, you will be a certified PADI Scuba diver! Opening the door to the realm of Scuba diving across the world, and you’ll be a very welcome member of our Island Ventures family 🙂


Our open water is $375 – please call us to make your reservation.

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