Rescue Diver Instruction

Rescue Diver Instruction

Now that you have tasted the delights of advanced diving through your AOW course take the challenge of Rescue Diver certification!

Learn the skills to rescue yourself and others. Check out this PADI video https://youtu.be/YNdo9tcgzpM

This course will teach you how to keep yourself and others safe as well as what to do in an emergency.

First step is to sign up for PADI e-learning for rescue diver by following this link.

We cover much of the course right here in our lagoon and its great fun.

Rescue Diver certification course structure

The rescue diver practical course runs over 2 days and you can do them either together or separately as long as you complete them over a 4 week period.

There are 4 dives in the lagoon to learn the new skills then we take you to the ocean for practical application of all you have learnt

Rescue Diver will cover

Self Rescue

Tired Diver

Panicked Diver

Response from Boat or Shore to a responsive diver

Distressed diver underwater

Missing Diver

Unresponsive diver at surface and underwater

In water rescue breathing

Exiting unresponsive diver

First Aid for pressure related injuries and Oxygen administration

What else do you need

You will also need to have a recent CPR EFR certification.  You can either do this with us for an additional $99.

Our standard Rescue Diver course takes 3 days and is $475.

Special Deal

We currently have a special deal to help divers become better divers because we believe that education is key to safety in the water.

If you take the online education via a link we send you directly with PADI @ $184 we will provide the in water course for just $299!

You do not even have to wait for the next course to start just give us a call and reserve you preferred days!

student at home using PADI eLearning system
eLearning at home
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