Photographs of the Spiegel Grove

These amazing photographs of the Spiegel Grove during the many SCUBA dives we have done on the wreck. Join our regular trips and guide George on a special ‘Heavy Metal’ tour of the wreck where you tour the inside of the wreck for most of your dive till you exit and return to the surface.

Come and see the mascot ‘Snoopy’ that is made out of ceramic tile.

Have your Spiegel Grove photograph taken with the flag on top of the helicopter control tower (Pri-Fly)

showing diver coming down the line head first to the Spiegel Grove Wreck that starts at 60 feet 20 meters
Spiegel here we come
Diver exiting the wreck of the Spiegel Grove wreck in Key Largo Florida where the water is deep blue
Coming out

All dives on the Spiegel Grove are advanced dives. You will need to show appropriate Advanced certification cards and recent logbook entries that show a deep dive within the last 6 months. As a responsible operator we value safety on our trips and ultimately that divers have a great time with us.

Dont have an advanced certification the no problem! We can make that happen for you right at our shop with our Advanced Open Water course and one of your certifying dives will be on the Spiegel Grove!

If we believe that the dive is above the training and skills of the divers then we reserve the right to cancel the dive.

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