Pet Motel

Pet Motel Doggy Day Care

Note: The Pet Motel is currently closed due to staff shortages

If you want to Snorkel or SCUBA whilst on vacation but want your pet to have a great time too you can book them into the Pet Motel Key Largo where they can run around with their new doggy friends.

Sandy the dive dog
Sandy our dive dog

The Pet Motel in Key Largo is a free roam facility where you fur babies can spend their time with other dogs and use up of some of their energy whilst you are out SCUBA diving or snorkelling.

There are 5 big fenced of yards where they can play.  The yards are all covered with river rock so they can charge around as much as they like!

Games they play at doggy day care

Some of thier favorites games to play include

Catching the ball and running around the yard away from all the other dogs with it.

Chasing your fur buddy who has the ball and is running away from you.

Sitting on the picnic tables.

Posing for Pet Motel dogo group photos

Barking at the Iguanas in the trees is a favorite too!

Times and Cost

Drop off starts at 7.30 and pickup up to 6 PM. Day care is $35. Boarding is also available!

Call them first to make sure that you have the necessary paperwork and that they have availability. 

There is an initial assessment that needs to be conducted prior to your first booking to ensure that all thier vaccinations are up to date and what fur buddy group they will be best in.

Telephone 305 451 3678 or check out the web site http://petmotel.us/


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