Night Dives

Benwood Sunset
Benwood Sunset

Night Dives in the ocean are a very different experience from day dives.

There is a totally different set of wildlife on Night Dives. As all the day time critters go and hide to sleep at night out come the nigh time crew.

The SS Benwood is our regular night dive and you can expect to see Turtles, Eels and reef squid among other predators.

You will need to be certified to night dive. If you are not we can arrange for you to have a guide. The additional cost is $50 for the first diver and $10 for each diver up to 6.

Here are a few things to remember about night diving

There are different ways of making hand signals to your buddy. Be mind full to not shine your light in other divers eyes. When you get back to the boat turn your flashlight off. The crews eyes will have adjusted to the night and you will temporary blind them. They may not be able to see to help you.

Have great bouyancy as your brain will be working in 2D. You wont know where the bottom is till you hit it.

It is harder to navigate as you can only see whats in the beam of your light. We hang a light off the back of our boat that flashes. When you get near it you have found the boat.

When pointing your flashlight beam at critters (especially small ones) you might be making them a target for predators. Lion fish will lurk in the dark and pounce on fish in your beam!


Night Dives are all 1 tank dives and you get up to 1 hour in the water.

We have underwater Flashlights for rent if you require one at $15 for the dive.

Night Dives are great fun!

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