Who else do we work with?

Island Ventures Partners

As with all businesses we work with a number of partners they work with, here are some of the Island Ventures Partners.


Located in Shoreland drive right next to our shop. This great organizations mission is to use education and adventure in the Florida Keys marine ecosystem to foster environmental awareness and stewardship on a local, regional, and global scale.

Here are some links to what they do and if you watch closely you will see how we help out! Link1 Link2

Coral Restoration foundation

Nonprofit ocean conservation organization working to restore our coral reefs, educating others on the importance of our oceans, and using science to further research and monitoring techniques. Dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species.

Jules Undersea Park

The park is where Island Ventures shop and boats are located.  This is the home of the undersea hotel and where we do a lot of our SCUBA training


This is the dive industry website where you can find out how to learn to dive and many interesting places to dive!


The training organisation that all our training courses follow. If you are looking to sign up for e-learning through PADI and Island Ventures then use this link and we will be able to track your progress and be available to help any questions you may have!

Island Ventures Partners – Suppliers


All of our rental BCDs, some Fins, Computers, Masks, Snorkels are supplied by Cressi.  We are also a dealer for Cressi.


All of our rental regulators are provided by Sherwood.  We are also a dealer for Sherwood products


All of our rental wetsuits are supplied by Akona. We are also a dealer of Akona equipment.

We welcome approaches from other organizations who would like to be one of Island Ventures Partners.

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