Corona Virus Management at Island Ventures

Corona Virus management at Island Ventures

The Corona virus is a significant issue affecting everybody at this moment.

We are taking our advice directly from Dive Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) who are advising the dive industry.

This is information from Divers Alert Network for Dive Shops and divers alike on treatment of equipment

With regard to the status of the Corona Virus in the Florida Keys this link will take you to the Monroe County Emergency management web page

We are continuing to run both SCUBA and Snorkel tours.

We are taking a number of actions to help keep our customers safe as possible.

We have removed the shared cookies on the boat whilst the issue is prevalent. The fresh water dispenser is cleaned daily and still available on the boat as hydration is very important.

We are spraying touchable surface areas on our boats after each trip.

Masks, snorkels, regulators, oral inflation mouthpieces is rinsed in a 10% bleach solution and then washed with clean water.

Our rinse tanks also have a 10% solution of Bleach for divers to clean their own equipment.

If you would like to purchase your own snorkel or regulator mouthpiece we have plenty in stock.

We continue to monitor the situation daily and will make adjustment as necessary on advice from DEMA

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