Corona Virus Management at Island Ventures

Procedures at Island Ventures to help staff and customers stay safe from Corona Virus

Although we are open for business we are limiting the groups on our boats to ensure the safety of everybody.

Currently we will only be offering only full boat charters for both snorkeling and SCUBA diving. This will be reviewed constantly as the situation either improves or otherwise.

The passenger limit is 10 per boat for SCUBA and 16 for snorkeling

Customers must complete the online waiver attached to the booking confirmation prior to arrival.

Face masks covering mouth and nose are required when you enter the Jules Undersea Park, during the checkin process and whilst on the boat to and from the dive/snorkel sites. There is additional guidance from the Coastguard that is available on our boats for inspection.

When you arrive at our shop/boats please wait in your group 6 feet apart from other groups

You will be boarded by your group

Hand sanitizer is available on board the boat

There will be no communal rinse buckets on the boats. We have spray defog available but would prefer customers bring their own mask defog

Customers will be responsible for ensuring they only use rental equipment issued to them

We have masks, snorkels and regulator mouthpieces sale in the shop.


All of our team have taken this online course from firstresponseinternational.com. This course is available to everyone and best of all its FREE so if you get a chance to sign on and take the course we encourage you to do so!

Monroe County have confirmed that the keys will be open from 1 June 2020. Book online service is now available. We look forward to seeing everybody!

Corona Virus information

We are taking our corona virus advice directly from Dive Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA)

Information from Divers Alert Network for Dive Shops and divers on treatment of equipment

We continue to monitor the corona virus situation daily and will make adjustment as necessary on advice from DEMA

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